camera2.fwCommercial Production, Live Streaming and Community Programming

The BIC Media Lab offers on site and video capture production studios, video editing and digital music recording facilities. In addition to our inhouse programming and professional support services we collaborate with community organizations and schools to offer unique client and cause driven programming.

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Community Programming

Community driven programming for sharing with a global and local audience.

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Live Streaming

Streaming live video for music, sporting or corporate events, meetings and more.

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Professional Production

Award winning producers and video professionals to meet diverse production requirements.

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“We create custom promotional videos and capture events for live streaming, documentaries or interview style programs. Do you need an event recorded, training video or marketing video created? Ask the BIC Media Lab for a quote.”

Video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to communicate your message and reach new audiences. Video is also one of the most effective and efficient ways to train teams or customers about new features of your products and services. Our online digital media productions are created custom for your needs and niche market. We offer years of award winning experience and a broad network of unique creative and technical talent.



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